Daniil Trifonov's 'breathtaking' Verbier Festival recital

03 Aug 2012

Verbier Festival, Switzerland: 28 July 2012

'Trifonov’s recital was breathtaking. Argerich last year told the FT she had never before
heard a touch like his, and all I can do is concur: it’s not just a matter of precision and
weighting, it’s a unique amalgam of fastidious tenderness and seemingly unfettered
wildness. After two exquisite Debussy Images, he gave an account of Chopin’s complete
Etudes that was truly revelatory: his emotional restraint – and frugality with the pedal
– made the lyrical ones all the more moving, while his preternatural dexterity lent the
finger-twisters a rare grace. For the next three weeks, anyone interested can check out
this astonishing recital for free on' Financial Times (UK)

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